LGBTQ+ Clothes Swap – 12.02.2023

The LGBTQ+ clothes swap was first established by Jamie Lowe from TrueSelf Wealth back in 2022 after successfully securing the Steppingstone Micro Grant from OutBritain. The grant provided £250 to four business owners/entrepreneurs to fund a business venture/idea.

The concept of the clothes swap is to provide a safe space for individuals from the LGBTQ+ and ally community, show support and offset some of the costs of transitioning, as individuals are now having to go privately, as the NHS waiting list would see them waiting years for surgery.

That just covers the social and economic benefits, but the clothes swap also provides environmental benefits as well. In a world of fast fashion, clothes swapping provides a unique opportunity for clothes to be celebrated, recycled, and worn once again. There is also a massive creative aspect to exchanging clothes as well. At the last event, individuals engaged in ways in which they could modify garments to hail their identities, without the expense of purchasing additional fabrics and materials.

The most recent LGBTQ+ Clothes Swap, saw record numbers of individuals peruse the racks of clothing, assembled in New York New York Manchester, between the hours of 1 pm -3.30 pm on Sunday the 12th of February. The event also housed mirrors and changing pods for individuals to try on newly treasured garments. A highly trained bra fitter was also in attendance to provide bespoke fitting advice. There was also seating provided for attendees to chill, converse, and have a drink.

The event was a major success, and the atmosphere was inspiring and full of positivity.

If you want to get involved, bring the LGBTQ+ clothes swap to your community, support or donate then please reach out.

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