Out2Learn: How diet can help you win in business with Estrelita van Rensburg

Are you struggling with low energy levels, attention problems, mood swings or weight issues? Whatever the issue, you have more control over your physical and mental fitness than you ever imagined. In this provocative webinar Dr Estrelita van Rensburg will reveal why nearly everything we have been told about healthy diets is wrong. Discover the truth plus what you can do to improve your own productivity levels as well as that of your business. 


12:00: Introduction to OutBritain & Estrelita van Rensburg   

12:05: How diet can help you win in business with Estrelita van Rensburg 

12:35: Q&A 

13:00: End 

About Estrelita 

A qualified physician-pathologist, Estrelita spent the first part of her professional career as a professor in laboratory medicine/virology. Following on from that, she moved into the pharmaceutical industry where she held the position of Global Medical Director at a US-based large clinical research organisation.  

Mid-career, she suffered a deterioration in her own health as well as in the health of friends and family including her own partner. Her natural curiosity and research background led her to research the topic of nutrition.  She was shocked to discover the extent of misinformation and incorrect nutritional guidance from government, the medical and academic communities. This was the motivating factor to develop a practical teaching programme for individuals and businesses on the correct nutrition to improve their metabolic health. 


27 Feb 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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