Out2Learn with Dr Paul

Are you looking to beat imposter syndrome this year? Dr Paul will be talking about mid-life LGBQT journey, breaking free of  imposter syndrome / finding meaning at work / ageing in the workplace.


12:00: Introduction to OutBritain & Dr Paul Taylor-Pitt (he/him)

12:05: Show Imposter syndrome the door

12:35: Q&A 

13:00: End 

About Dr Paul Taylor-Pitt 

Paul is an award-winning Organisation Development Specialist, Mentor, Coach and Facilitator with three decades of professional experience to draw from. He also enjoys writing and photography as well as cuddling up with a good book. He is fascinated by the ever-unfolding teachings offered by life, particularly as he navigates his middle age. Paul came out so long ago he did it via the medium of cave painting. He feels fortunate to have lived through a period of history where LGBTQI+ lives have changed so much for the better. Despite this, we still have much to do and Paul is ready, willing and able to bring some fire and passion to the world. Paul lives in London with his husband and their growing family of plants.


26 Mar 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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