This month’s topic: How to map and fix your customer journey, with insights from diversity, equity and inclusion.


Customer journey maps help small businesses spot new ways to delight, retain and earn the loyalty of customers. They can even shine a light on the ways we win or lose ourselves *women* customers, *disabled* customers, *minority ethnic* customers and others. This is diversity, equity and inclusion, but it’s not separate from our other business processes. It’s all bound up together.


Join this indispensable talk with expert speaker Taz from Inclusion Projects by Taz. She is an Inclusion partner for sole traders, small businesses and community organisations. With 10+ years of experience in equalities work and small organisations, I help you to look your own stuff (e.g. operations, product lines, people processes, office culture), and ask “how can more, and different, people, get to access, enjoy and find relevance in this?”


28 Nov 2023


12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
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