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Hello, my name is Jack. I am a leadership coach, organisation development consultant and psychotherapist.
Whether you’re a new leader or a seasoned executive, navigating the complexities of change in your professional life can be daunting. With my unique combination of coaching and therapy, I can help you overcome any challenge that comes your way.

By working with me, you’ll gain the tools and confidence needed to tackle any obstacle and achieve success in your career. From strengthening your independent thinking muscle to providing you with expert guidance every step of the way, I’ll be by your side to help you thrive in the face of change.

Feeling in control is important, I can help with demystifying your situation so you feel back in control again with a clear plan and pathway for yourself and your team. I provide real life experience to help you make sense of often complex and difficult situations. In the thinking space, I bring awareness and therefore options and choices of how you can move forward.

I am accredited by EMCC Global as a senior practitioner. I work with senior leaders across different industries globally. As an OD consultant I specialise in building leadership teams, working with team dynamics and aligning teams around performance objectives. I also have extensive experience working with conflict in organisations. My executive coaching work focusses on one to one, pair coaching, groups and team coaching. I work both face to face and online.

I am particularly interested in working with leaders who are dealing with change and transition. I have a lot of experience helping leaders who are new in role to help them take up their authority, establish themselves, understand their team dynamics and having performance conversations.

I have worked in financial services (including banking, wealth management and insurance), media and law. I have had over 15 years of experience working in a senior management capacity in different sectors. I have led large, multi-jurisdictional teams and understand the leadership challenges associated with those roles. Over this time, I have gained tremendous knowledge of work related issues from stress, performance anxiety to leadership issues and team development.

My clients have learnt how to manage struggles and challenges in areas like:

* Inter and intra-personal skills – relationships and communication
* Moving from manager to leader – self as leader and transitions
* Team dynamics – within own team and or interactions with other teams

I can help you through a tailored transition programme that uses coaching, therapy, wellbeing and my own experiences having worked in industry in multiple corporate settings for over 20 years.

Working as both a coach and psychotherapist it is important to understand the difference between therapy and coaching. Therapy is focussed on the past with the impact on the here and now, and coaching is focussed on the here and now with the impact in the future. Yet, in coaching it can help to understand what ‘habits’ from the past cause you feel stuck in the here and now.

I can both sympathise and empathise with your situation as I understand what change can feel like. I have gone through many transitions and changes myself when I was working in various corporate roles for over 15 years. Through the transition to become a coach I learnt a lot about myself and what happens to people when going through change. I am now excited to share these learnings and experiences with others who find themselves stuck in these situations. What my clients are often looking for is for someone to bring clarity to the situation they find themselves in so they can gain control, awareness and clarity with clear options on how to move forward.

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Jack Pijl
Jack Pijl
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