Why Become A Board Member?

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Being an out business, or an out leader is a personal decision.

We think there are really good reasons why people, and particularly business leaders, should be out, but it’s up to each and every business and person to take that decision themselves.

When businesses join  OutBritain, as member or sponsors, we tacitly accept that they have already come to terms with that.

By inviting you to join the Advisory Board we are asking you to be a role model.

We do understand however that this may attract some level of scrutiny. Some may even question whether you are using your sexuality to win business. That is absolutely not the case.

Our reasons for creating OutBritain are numerous, and warranted.

Firstly, we are giving back. And as a member of the Advisory Board, you are giving back more than most. By bringing your business expertise, and knowledge, you are helping the next generation of LGBT professionals and businesses to traverse some of the challenges you had to. Challenges that you didn’t choose to face.

And that’s ultimately what this comes down to. LGBT+ people and businesses suffer from discrimination where straight owned businesses and people don’t.

There are hundreds of thousands of networks available for straight businesses, and very few for LGBT ones.

There are chambers of commerce in every city. None provide access to LGBT+ certified businesses, yet thousands of corporates want this.

Corporates want to demonstrate that they are working with diverse businesses because their data tells them they haven’t in the past, or don’t do it enough just now. We’re helping to fill that gap.