A Social Enterprise for All…

We love the United Kingdom, it’s an amazing place to live. And the fact that there is an active LGBT+ community, offering lots of events and support, is the icing on the cake. But, being LGBT+ business owners & professionals ourselves, we noticed that there is not much support for us out there, let alone much focus on our needs as consumers.


So we decided to start OutBritain as a membership organisation for small to medium-sized businesses with and without an LGBT+ background.


Our goal is to offer business support through networking opportunities and training. Additionally, we want to give young professionals with an LGBT+ background access to mentoring, internships & career advice. We also want to raise awareness and promote diversity & inclusion which is why we decided to bring businesses & organisations from all backgrounds together in one organisation.


So, check us out if you’re interested in growing your business, start your career or simply learn more about and work with the LGBT+ community in an open, engaging & fun way. Whether you’re an LGBT+ professional yourself or looking to connect with the British LGBT+ community, OutBritain would love to have you as a member!

Our Mission

Our mission is to champion opportunity, development, and advocacy for our LGBT+ & allied business community.


We create opportunity for marketing, networking, procurement, and referral-based business growth; programmes that support development of business skills and expertise through workshops and seminars; and we advocate for positive economic, social, and political change in the United Kingdom.

Our Vision

We envision an economically empowered British LGBT+ business community that inspires others.


We will empower our small business entrepreneurs and professionals, collaborate with non-profit advocates, and engage with business, corporations, and civic leaders to support policies that foster a more inclusive and welcoming business community while learning about the economic vitality of the LGBT+ global community.

Our Values

Our values are inherent to our identity as an organisation. They guide the way we work with our members, our community and with each other.




Through these values, OutBritain looks to support a culture where ideas can blossom, individuals can thrive and our entrepreneurial spirit can flourish.

Social Enterprise

OutBritain is also committed to supporting other LGBT+ causes which include: history, health & well-being, family, faith, and empowerment.


Each year, we will choose one or more non-profit organisations and assist them financially by making a monetary contribution and/or jointly hosting a fundraising event where all proceeds will go to the organisation.

Advisory Board

At OutBritain we believe that for our network to succeed and thrive we will need support from the LGBT+ community, allies, corporations, SME’s, social influencers, and public representatives.


We value everyone’s opinion and will only grow when we incorporate input from all members of our Scottish family.


Every year, OutBritain will choose a select few people to assist us with:


  • Marketing strategies
  • Matters of diversity and inclusion among other LGBT+ institutions
  • Advise on matters of diversity and inclusion among other LGBT+ institutions
  • Allocation of funding to non-profits
  • Choosing which LGBT+ organizations to promote and assist
  • Deciding which LGBT+ start-up businesses will receive funding.


If you wish to find out more or become a part of the advisory board please email us.

Advisory Board IMG